Why Social Media Marketing Is Important to Your Business

It’s a given that marketing via social media will eventually catch up to traditional methods of marketing. The question becomes, how fast can social media platforms catch up? The answer largely depends on whether or not a business is willing to adapt their marketing strategy to ensure maximum results. The fact is that businesses that are not willing to adapt their strategies in accordance with market trends and customer needs usually find themselves fighting an uphill battle. In reality, over 85% of companies utilize social media mostly for brand awareness, which is good. Unfortunately, only about 25% of all businesses are actually on social media, which are bad, and another 25% don’t even plan on using social media in the future.

When it comes to the question of when to adopt a strategy for social media marketing, the answer largely depends on the business’ goals. If a business simply wants to drive new customers, then their strategy will likely be to constantly engage their followers with updates, content, and recommendations. This is a fairly simple strategy, but one that is easy to implement. However, if the primary goal is to build engagement and loyalty with existing customers, then the strategy will be slightly more complex. Here, the company should integrate content with recommendations for related products and services that will draw their followers in.

Another aspect that must be examined closely is the timing of releases. Many companies place their Instagram videos and photos on their main pages at approximately the same time each day. However, some firms go against the grain and wait to publish live content until certain events in their timeline occur. For example, a company may not initially post their Instagram video about the latest product launch until their Instagram followers begin buzzing about it. By employing this strategy, the business is able to build anticipation for their Instagram videos, which allows them to make optimal use of their social media marketing efforts.

For brand awareness and engagement, a strategy that works best is to build long-term relationships with the individuals who follow you on Instagram. For example, some brands choose to share images and videos of themselves and their creative process with their Instagram followers. While some businesses prefer to share a promotional video, they also encourage their Instagram followers to connect with them on other social media networks. In essence, they use the platform as a way to develop their brand awareness and fan base. Others leverage their page to offer free content or giveaway items. Regardless, of which strategy they employ, the ultimate goal is to develop strong relationships with their audience and increase brand awareness in a cost-effective manner.

In order to maximize the power of social media marketing, it is important to have a strategy in place before engaging with a potential customer base. If you are launching the brand’s first campaign, it is recommended that you build credibility before attempting to engage with customers on the platform. There are many ways to do this, including sharing information about your company on your personal blog or Facebook page. Additionally, you can feature links to articles and videos that highlight your key messaging and other strategies. This strategy will help build trust and deliver results much faster than if you were to simply launch promotional offers without regard for how the content will impact your brand.

Today, there are many ways to market via social commerce. Whether you are looking to build customer relations and awareness or drive sales, using Instagram to engage with the audience is an excellent way to do so. By leveraging the engagement power of Instagram, a business can establish a presence and build loyalty while reaching new customer demographics via smart insights. If you are ready to begin leveraging the power of this social platform to market your brand and increase engagement and profits, contact an Instagram Marketing Account specialist today!