What’s the Difference Between Digital Marketing and Social Media?

Digital Marketing is a very broad concept. It includes many elements such as SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search, Social Media, Video Promotion, Press Release Distribution and viral marketing etc. But most importantly social media is only a small portion of digital marketing. Digital Marketing includes everything which utilizes computers, smart phones, iPads, billboards, television or radio etc. A good Digital Marketing Idea should be able to create a good online image for a business.

Digital Marketing idea

There are four main goals in every business. The first goal is expansion. In order to expand you need to reach more people, this is possible through social media, SEO and digital marketing. Next the goal of every business is the sale, this is also possible through SEO, paid search and digital marketing. And last but not least the final goal is making a profit. By making a profit a business increases its value and secures its future.

These four goals are quite simple and anyone can achieve them. However if we compare them with the methods used by traditional marketing strategies, we will see that traditional campaigns are more expensive. Traditional campaigns also require a lot of time and effort. So how will a small business to promote itself on the Internet?

First of all traditional media marketing campaigns usually use local search engine optimization techniques such as SEO. But today many platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ have become free social platforms where a company can share information and interact with its customers. These platforms are a perfect way to increase the customer base. Today the largest companies have an online website and use it to interact with their customers.

In order to optimize a website for these new platforms, it is necessary to hire an SEO company that will work for months to make your website optimized. Another Digital Marketing idea is to use the power of pay per click marketing or PPC. With this method a company can purchase advertisement space from search engine advertising companies. When a user clicks on one of those advertisements a company will be charged a certain amount. The company can also use the PPC budget in its favor by using it to promote other products and services in addition to its own product.

So it is clear from the discussion above that there are some serious differences between traditional and digital marketing and one needs to understand them. The first step to take is to understand what the customer needs and then fulfill them. Once a person understands the customer needs, he or she can begin the process of fulfilling them. To sum up, a successful digital marketing campaign is one that uses the resources available to generate leads, create awareness about the product or service as well as using the power of the internet and its various social media channels effectively.