Podcast Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Podcast Audience

What exactly is Podcast Marketing? Before start, lets define what podcast marketing actually is. Podcast marketing is simply the act of creating a plan and then utilizing all tactics that are geared towards increasing your audience and popularity. The internet has become a huge source of revenue for podcasters, but only a fraction of those podcasters are paying customers in order to make a profit. Podcast marketing helps you get noticed. So how do you create a podcast that will generate a significant number of revenue?

Podcast Marketing

The main goal of Podcast Marketing is to convince people who listen to your podcast, or view your new episodes on your website, that you are a credible source of information. The best way to convince someone of this is to use your talents as a storyteller and present the information you have gathered from your podcast episodes. You can leverage social media outlets such as social media marketing (SMM) to help spread the word about your new episodes.

The first strategy we will explore is YouTube Marketing. When you record an episode of your podcast, record a short teaser video (more than ten minutes long). Then upload the recording to YouTube and other video hosting directories such as YouTube, Vimeo and Daily Motion. Upload the video to YouTube with a title that accurately reflects the content of the podcast: ” Podcast Title”. This is a great way to increase the exposure of your videos.

Another strategy is to use Google AdWords and AdSense. There are two ways to use Google AdWords. You can host a pay-per-click search campaign or create a landing page on your site that has links to your Google ads. A good way to build your list of prospective listeners is by cross promotion.

Cross promotion means inviting other people into your relationship with them. People who listen to your podcast may also be interested in other things you have to offer. It’s a great idea to find other podcasts that relate to your target audience and ask the hosts if they would like to feature a link to your podcast at the bottom of their next episode. Once you have received permission, broadcast the request to your list. Ask your contacts on your social media accounts to forward the email to their contacts.

Last but not least, podcast marketing through Facebook groups is a tactic worth considering. There are many Facebook groups dedicated to podcasting. Join these groups and advertise your podcast episodes. Be sure to include your URL and a quick note that the podcast will only be available to members. If you are promoting your podcast using facebook groups, be sure to provide a link to your website so that listeners can go directly to your website to listen to your new audio recording.