Marketing Orientation

Marketing refers to various actions that a business undertakes in order to advertise or sell a product, service, or item to consumers. It is often used as a way to gain exposure for a business or brand. Marketing can be performed by means of television commercials, radio advertising, and print advertisements. The internet has become a great source for marketing; however, it is also a powerful tool that should not be overlooked. This is because marketing is an ever-evolving concept, and it needs to be altered according to changing market trends and consumer behavior.


The four Ps of the marketing mix comprises the overall strategy of the marketing effort. These include marketing strategy, promotion strategy, control strategy, and measurement strategy. Marketing strategies refer to how a certain marketing idea is executed. Promotion strategies refer to the manner in which marketing ideas are promoted, such as advertisements in newspapers or magazines. Control strategies refer to the ways in which customers are informed about certain products or services.

Marketing orientation describes how a marketing concept is evaluated. The evaluation of the marketing concept is often based on several factors including market research data, consumer behavior, economic structure of the market, and business development. It also involves the creation of marketing plans and policies. Business development orientations of marketing management pertains to financial or business planning. Lastly, there is the evaluation of marketing concepts, and the development of marketing plans or policies.

Marketing research comprises the process of gathering customer information and analyzing it. In many cases, this involves conducting market research and collecting information on target markets. After the information has been gathered, a marketing research team will then formulate strategies to sell a particular product or service. A marketing research team will also determine if a particular product or service has potential. In addition, they will also examine the production costs involved in selling a certain type of product or service.

Social marketing management refers to the application of marketing concepts to the selling process. Examples of social marketing concepts include contests, product promotions, and public relations. In the past, marketing management often focused on the marketing of particular products or services. Nowadays, however, this concept has become more widespread and applied to various aspects of everyday life. For instance, many people conduct product promotions to raise money for charity or to obtain publicity. In addition, some organizations use social marketing strategies to attract potential customers.

Marketing strategies, especially advertising, can be implemented by marketers in many ways. These strategies can be implemented consciously or unconsciously, or they can be developed depending on the objectives of the marketing effort. Marketers can use any of the marketing concepts or mix and match any of them to make a successful marketing campaign. This article gives you just an overview of some of the key concepts that marketers study, employ, and teach in business development and marketing management courses.