Learn the Knowledge of AIDA Model Marketing


A variety of products can widen your reach and attract a large number of customers. For example, you could offer two or three varieties of deodorant. Generally, inexperienced marketers over-complicate their product ranges by offering too many varieties. Try to keep the product range small, and focus on creating a memorable experience. People are likely to remember products that have a unique taste or fragrance. So, try to think outside the box to make the most memorable ones.

AIDA model marketing is a four-step process that helps companies understand the minds of their customers. This process outlines how to turn a visitor into a customer. It involves knowing what customers want and how to create a compelling message that piques their interests. Once a consumer is interested in a product, a company should then target that audience with advertising and products. In other words, a good marketing strategy should address the customer’s problem and offer a solution.

The first stage in the marketing process focuses on product awareness. In this phase, customers become aware of a product and its benefits. In general, the advertising is done across the mediums that are most convenient for the potential customer. However, costs associated with advertising are a consideration. A new form of media is also being used to create awareness about a product. Social media platforms have allowed for a vast increase in influencer marketing, with a variety of different uses.