How to Use Influencer Marketing to Expand Your Brand Presence

The world of Influencer Marketing is growing rapidly. This form of marketing involves the collaboration of brands with social media influencers. This type of marketing campaign has similar qualities as Content Marketing and Social Media. Instead of selling your product, influencers demonstrate their thought leadership, authority, and credibility. Over time, these influencers will become synonymous with your product. Listed below are some of the key tips that influencers should follow when collaborating with brands.

o Ensure that you disclose your relationship with the influencer. The FTC provides detailed endorsement guides and guidance for both advertisers and influencers. However, these guidelines are not coordinated internationally and do not include the issue of children. As such, influencers should disclose their relationship with advertisers and consumers. It is important to note that the influencers’ activities may involve children. For this reason, there are additional guidelines for influencers working on online platforms.

o Establish clear objectives. Influencer marketing campaigns often fail when the goals of the campaign are not clearly defined. When a brand refuses to share the content of an influencer, it’s unclear whether the influencer is still a partner. Without clear objectives, influencers can feel uncertain about their partnership, and may not share details about the campaign or get any feedback. If you’re not sure how to proceed, consult an influencer marketing agency.

o Consider the size of the influencers. While some influencers have huge followings, others are far less well known and therefore more approachable. These individuals don’t have private planes or luxury homes. They share real-world experiences and opinions. Influencer marketing has become a popular and effective business for brands looking to expand their brand presence. It can also help establish a presence in new markets and target consumers. Typically, influencer marketing begins with social listening. This strategy identifies influential voices online. Influential individuals are categorized as micro or macro-influencers. These people are smaller than the macro-influencers but can still reach millions of people. They are more apt to focus on the benefits and features of a product rather than the celebrity behind it.

A recent study found that children are particularly susceptible to influencer marketing practices. It also showed that the number of people who consumed the snack promoted by an influencer increased after they saw an advertisement disclosure. This is because children are far more likely to believe the endorsement of a trusted source. While children are a captive audience, influencer marketing is a highly effective way to reach an audience that would not have otherwise heard of the product. For these reasons, influencer marketing is a valuable tool for brands.

Involving influential individuals in marketing campaigns is not as simple as partnering with the most popular creator. Rather, brands partner with influential people who have established a large following on social media. Influencers work with brands to promote their products through their channels, but it takes an airtight strategy to make sure that their product gets into the hands of positive influencers. Although these relationships are not instantaneous, they are long-term.